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“Do Disturb” for the first time at the “Palais de Tokyo”

do disturb festival

From 10 to 12 April get ready for excitement, fun, energy and restlessness. "The Palais de Tokyo" is not going to fall asleep as it will be hosting the "Do Disturb" Festival, 3 succeeding days of nonstop energy, concerts, performances and parties. For this first edition, the "Palais de Tokyo" invites the MoMA PS1 (New York), Tate Modern (London), the Matadero Madrid, the National Centre for Visual Arts (CNAP, Paris). "Do Disturb" aims to provoke surprise and to open up the arts, pushing their … ...

"David Bowie Is" a tribute to the pop icon at the Philharmonie de Paris

david bowie is a cultural exhibition at the philharmonie de paris

The british pop icon David Bowie is paid tribute through an exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris, a retrospective around the successful carreer of the artist, who strongly influenced the pop music history. This exhibition will help you discover more than 300 objects in relation with the pop icon: handwritten lyrics, original costumes, photography , movies, music videos, Bowie’sets and instruments ... Having sold 140 million 'albums during his career, David Bowie is a singer, composer, produ… ...

" Les cahiers Déssinés " the guest of honor at The Halle Saint-Pierre

cahiers dessinés

Les Cahiers Dessinés, the publishing house founded by Frédéric Pajak, is honored at the Halle Saint-Pierre. Since 2002, this publishing house was devoted to publish books on drawing, in its different forms, in every country and every age: painters, writers or filmmakers, humorous drawings, travel... emphasizing thus an art often considered as minor. Up to the 14th of August 2015, The Halle Saint-Pierre will be hosting an exhibition honoring " Les Caheirs Dessinés ", putting together more than … ...

The Grand Palais turning into a giant gym

grand palais

Last year, Les Mills and Reebok were associated to offer 5,000 people the opportunity to make part of special fitness classes within the stunning glass roof of the Grand Palais. Indeed, the leading fitness classes Les Mills and Reebok have invited athletes to attend courses in a key location in Paris with the best instructors of Europe. Well, here it comes again on Saturday May 16th! Get ready for more than 4 hours of non-stop fitness classes, energy, fun and excitement. A vibrant program awai… ...

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